156 Kaikorai Valley Road

This site is located at the north end of Kaikorai Valley.

Sizes include large garages, half garages, standard units and small units.

With easy access, this site allows you to drive up to most of the units.

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Access hours: 24-hour / 7-day access
Large Garage

Great for people with larger houses, cars, trailers, boats, tradies and businesses looking for more room.

How to visualise: larger car length.

Standard Garage

Perfect for storing the full contents of a three bedroom house, or an average sized car. Excellent for trades-people too!

How to visualise: standard car size.

Half Garage

Ideal for storing the contents of a flat, apartment, or partial contents of a house or smaller home.

How to visualise: an average sized bedroom.

Standard Unit

Ideal for storing the contents of a bedroom, partial contents of a house, or documents for a business.

How to visualise: half an average bedroom.

Small Unit

Ideal for storing individual items of a bedroom or a small quantity of boxes, bags etc.

How to visualise: larger wardrobe.

Interested in a Kaikorai Valley storage unit?

Click here to send through an enquiry form or contact us by calling 0800 399 783.

Site features

  • Free trailer use
  • Electronic entry gate
  • All units individually monitored
  • 24 hour secure monitoring
  • Security perimeter fences
  • Insurance approved